Our Case Studies - Examples

Comprehensive Advocacy

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The brief was to enable rapid and very high-level access to Ministers and Deputy Ministers, as well as Departmental Heads, in the Ministry of Education in Rome, Italy.

An initial contact group was formed of three individuals from three separate political parties, across the political spectrum, who were passionate about the subject matter regarding a certain aspect of education policy.

This contact group formed a basic coalition to promote the idea of a top-level conference. We were able to secure a conference hall in the main Italian Parliament building in Rome for the planned conference.

Throughout the logistical organisation of the conference, we were able to give the client excellent access to individuals in various political parties and civil service teams within the Education Ministry and related ministries, due to the openness which our client received when discussing their interlocutors’ attendance at this prestigious conference.

During the event, high-level Ministerial and Deputy Ministerial attendance was achieved. Subsequently, follow-up meetings and events secured the cultivation of enduring relationships.

Relationship Building

The brief was to create an environment for language learning and migration experts to meet and network, enabling the client to meet the key decision-makers in the German Federal Chancellery responsible for language learning policy and migration policy.

For this a series of “roundtable” events was designed, inviting leading industry experts, academic researchers, and officials of the federal chancellory. The chosen location was the International Club in the Federal Foreign Ministry (ICAA), an extremely prestigious location only accessible for those in possession of a membership due to their diplomatic or ex-diplomatic credentials.

A contact group was formed prior to the series of expert roundtables, with a simple set of membership criteria and mission of bringing relevant experts together.

The client enjoys continued access to this day to decision-makers through the continuing meetings held in this format.

Stakeholder Engagement

ETS Global were (re)entering the Italian Market. For this, it was crucial that ETS Global and their key products, the TOEFL and TOEIC Family of Assessments, gain the recognition of key governmental stakeholders, establishing ETS Global and its products as leading solutions. 

We were tasked with engaging those key stakeholders across the Italian government. European Diplomats created a roundtable event in the prestigious American Embassy in Rome, bringing together industry leaders, and senior policy managers from the Ministries of Labour, Economic Development and Education as well as the Rome City Council. 

Monitoring and Tracking


Inlingua were looking to develop their business by branching out into selling to government. European Diplomats was tasked with supplying Inlingua with relevant intelligence about upcoming tendering opportunities in Europe. We built an automated reader using API, tracking and filtering thousands of press and tender publications each day, across all markets in the European Union. Our team conducted a final check of the most prudent opportunities, greatly increasing efficiency. Consequently, we were able to discover and report several new business opportunities each week.

Our Events

Since our foundation, at European Diplomats we have worked on organizing events on current issues. Discover our upcoming events and join the European Diplomats community in enriching and unforgettable experiences.

From the dominant role of English in the EU policy making to the relationship between languages and EU identity(ies), the consequences of multilingualism will be discussed during this conference. European Diplomats co-founder Alistair Starling will share analyses and experiences on language challenges and opportunities in the EU, rethinking multilingualism impacts on EU social, economic, and cultural issues.