We combine diplomatic skills, headhunting mindset and A.I. appointment setting – to deliver efficient and precise commercial diplomatic consultancy. This is what makes us different.

European Diplomats offers you three principal areas of support:

  • Commercial campaign support to introduce your team to politicians and civil service policymakers in government or opposition
  • Monitoring, research and accurate briefing for your commercial team members, regarding the key stakeholders in government and related agencies
  • Entire project implementation, for your commercial goals, from set-up through to delivery of contact building with senior decision-makers in government, related agencies, and any other important state actors

Here you can download an overview of our services in English or German as a PDF:

English version           Deutsche Version

Commercial campaign support 

Your organisation has commercial goals which are affected, whether you like it or not (you have decided) by government policy – such as immigration policy, or education policy.  You know you need to speak to and convince the key governmental decision makers in several departments that your company has expertise which can help them implement their strategies, and that your product or service would be of benefit.  

We set up the meetings for you, and accompany you all the way, from project initiation to fulfilling discussion.

Monitoring, research and accurate briefing

Your Board of Directors tells your team that you need to help them stay ahead of the curve.  Any upcoming legislation which will affect your business either positively or negatively, they want to know about before it hits the headlines.

You have a good idea of how to go about setting up the systems required to monitor such changing governmental policies, but you are less certain about your team’s capacity to squeeze this into their already busy KPI set.

We take the burden off your shoulders by delivering you meaningful policy monitoring, via whichever channel you want, in user-friendly and instantly actionable, bite-sized chunks.

Entire project implementation

If you need a keys-in-hand solution for your government contact building needs, fast, and with the appropriate level of hand-holding designed in to your campaign requirements, then this is one of our core competences.

We design the campaign together, making proposals to you on where and how best to invest your management time on the highest possible level of policy maker appointments, virtual or face-to-face. 

And we agree on the level of follow-up that you require to ensure that your contacts never go cold, but keep on providing you with the intel your organisation depends upon.


We take Brexit very seriously and are keen to advise you on how you should prepare for what will come after Brexit. European Diplomats’ main founder has British roots and pursued his diplomatic career in an institution representing the United Kingdom, some of our clients are located in the UK. Therefore we have set up a dedicated and experienced team who will look at the challenges your organisation may be facing. Our Brexit team is made up of two senior advisers and their extensive network with together more than 30 years of experience on both sides of the Channel. Helped by our young and dynamic team they are ready to help you by:

● Providing you with careful analysis of the short, medium and long-term impact of Brexit
● Connecting you with relevant decision-makers to help you influence the post-Brexit environment
● Monitoring any relevant developments that will affect your organisation

You can choose between the following packages or contact us to discuss an à la carte solution

Package #1 Insider

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

Package #2 Attaché

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

+ Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis

+ Relationship-Building

Package #3 First Secretary

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis


+ Proactive Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Differing Ranks

Package #4 Counsellor

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis


Proactive Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Differing Ranks

+ Comprehensive Advocacy within National Institutions and Organisations

+ Targeted Political Influence on National Policymakers and Stakeholders

Package #5 Special Envoy to Brussels

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis


Pro-active Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Differing Ranks

+ Comprehensive Advocacy within EU Institutions and Organisations

+ Targeted Political Influence on EU Policymakers and Stakeholders

Package #6 Ambassador

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance

Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis


Pro-active Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Different Ranks

+ Business Development Support incl. Government Sales Counselling

+ Targeted Marketing Campaigning

À la carte solutions

Diplomatic Commercial Consultancy / Sales Methodologies Support

National State and/or Federal State Legislative Tracking

EU Legislative Tracking

Targeted Communication Hub

EU Association Management: Your Representation in Brussels

Participation at EU Hearings or Expert Groups as an Expert

EU Procurement Support

Covid-19 Counselling: How to Get your Message Across in the Virtual Era?


Additional information to the services involved in the different packages

Establishing a Presence incl. Advice and Guidance: We raise your visibility. As a starting point we provide tactical advice on the right strategic approach to engage with political decision-makers. We advise on whom to meet, when to meet and what to say. We assist in the organisation of meetings and the preparation of briefing materials and speaking points. This ground-setting service comes with the identification of the most important business development opportunities and risks in the selected countries.

Business Development Support: We help you to find the right opportunity to further develop your business through segmenting relevant markets and scout upcoming policies in European hotspot countries, from the Baltics to the Algarve, but also in EU’s closest Eastern and Southern neighbours. This service includes Government Sales Counselling to find your way through the wide field of government tenders.

Robust Tracking and Tracking Analysis: We observe, monitor and report on the policy developments in your sector. We analyse and identify your potential to bring yourself in and advise on how to get heard respectively to evaluate your impact.

Relationship-Building: Strong relationships and sustainable connections with targeted national or European policymakers are critical for any company or organisation wishing to effectively manage its commercial goals or public affairs issues. We create those relationships and open the right doors for you. One element of many is the support of the establishment of partnerships with governmental institutions, NGOs or other stakeholders.

Proactive Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Different Ranks: We are practised at ensuring that via a range of approaches, methodologies and tools your agenda has a political resonance with those you are seeking to engage with.

Targeted political influence on National or EU policymakers and stakeholders: Via our expertise and knowledge of methods, tools and sustainable contacts we ensure you in-depth insights in the sector relevant to you and therefore the possibility to anticipate or even shape legislation to a certain extent. We adhere to a strongly ethical work approach.

Nationwide Advocacy across Differing Ranks: We know the right ways in which to engage with relevant national and regional policymakers and stakeholders on any given level in a complex environment. We know that in a democracy, decision-making power stems not only from policymakers, therefore we engage with relevant actors based on their influence, to make your voice resonate nationwide, amplified by civil society.

Comprehensive Advocacy within EU Institutions and Organisations: Years of work experience in Brussels at institutional level and sound diplomatic expertise, combined with our headhunting expertise and new A.I. solutions allow us to get past the gatekeepers of EU institutions and organisations and navigate you smoothly and efficiently through Brussels’ virtual corridors. We make your voice heard in the relevant institutions, by the right people and in the right moment.

Targeted Marketing Campaigning: We develop a campaign that ensures you and your services will be just the talk in precisely the correct offices and halls. Our marketing and media expertise allows for the creation of campaigns that are received by exactly the right ears, rather than broadcasting our message to the general public. We combine subtlety and discretion with efficiency and effectiveness.

National State Legislative Tracking / EU Legislative Tracking: Being ahead of the curve means foreseeing legislative and other developments in your sector. We monitor regulatory decisions before they are taken and put you in the position to steer your organisation in the right direction. In Germany, we can provide expertise at the individual Federal State level for legislative tracking.

Targeted Communication Hub: To increase your reach and expand your audience and customer base, you need to convey your messages in the right way and order via the right channels. We offer you the full range of communication services from classical over virtual to social media communication, including the set-up, implementation and evaluation of communication campaigns.

EU Association Management: We have the capacities and skills to offer you secretariat or office services situated either in the European Capital of Brussels, or alternatively in the geographical heart of Europe, in Berlin, to form your EU Representation, tailor-made for you.

Participation at EU Hearings or Expert Groups as an Expert: Every day, hundreds of hearings or expert group meetings take place as a substantial part of EU decision- and law-making. We identify at what level you could take action and enable you to voice your points of interest directly.

EU or National Procurement Support: We show you the way through the jungle of bureaucracy and jargon. We act as a local guide to help you identify and select the most relevant and promising European or national grants, and facilitate your preparation to secure the funding you need.

Diplomatic Commercial Consultancy / Sales Methodologies Support: The sales methodologies for complex environments we use are best practice. We are on hand to ensure all aspects of your government commercial goals and strategy become reality.

Covid-19 Counselling: How to get your message across in the virtual era? Since the pandemic hit the world in spring 2020, ways of communicating have changed dramatically. Direct networking and government relations interactions are being replaced by virtual, more agile approaches which are not yet fully mastered to their full potential by many. We do have the innovative skills and digital understanding to approach your relevant stakeholders in a successful way.

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