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How will technology change our lives? 

The 21st century has witnessed a pervasive influence of technology in various aspects of our lives, including healthcare, education, work, communication, and entertainment. In healthcare, innovations such as electronic health records, telemedicine, and wearable health devices have personalised and made healthcare more accessible. AI and big data play crucial roles in improving diagnostic accuracy and personalising treatment plans. 

Education has seen a transformation with digital classrooms, e-learning platforms, and adaptive learning technologies providing personalised learning experiences. Special education has also benefited from technology, creating inclusive learning environments. Work and productivity have been reshaped by remote work, digital collaboration tools, and automation, leading to a more flexible and dynamic work environment. 

Digital communication has evolved significantly with instant messaging, social media, and email, connecting people globally. In the business world, technology has streamlined communication processes, enhancing efficiency. The entertainment industry has been revolutionised by streaming services and on-demand content, while virtual reality and gaming technologies offer immersive experiences. 

Looking ahead, technology is expected to continue transforming our lives, impacting healthcare with AI, improving education through personalised learning, reshaping work dynamics with automation, enhancing communication, and revolutionising entertainment experiences. Embracing these changes and preparing for a tech-driven future can lead to harnessing the full potential of these innovations to improve our quality of life. Frequently asked questions address the potential impact of AI in healthcare, the benefits of personalised learning, the effects of automation on job security, the influence of social media on news consumption, and the potential mainstream adoption of virtual reality in entertainment. 

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