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The importance of language learning for newcomer insertion into German society

At European Diplomats, our people strive to deliver impactful solutions that guide businesses through government. As such, we strive to get deeply involved in different initiatives that contribute to this aim and are particularly active in the education sector. In fact, Alistair Starling and Anton Lammers, Co-founders of European Diplomats, are members of the Migration & Language Expert Group (MLEG), a discussion group formed by language and tech-led companies.   

The MLEG aims to provide an instrument of discussion between key business and governmental actors in the field of language education in Germany. This group was created under the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees, and Integration, and seeks to continue the kick-off debate on potential opportunities to ensure “good digital German learning for everyone”.   

The October meeting, held in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Berlin, was chaired by Alistair. In this event, a vibrant debate took place over the importance of learning language and ‘newcomer employability’, and conclusions reached in this meeting are already being shaped into action.   

The IOM, the UN’s migration network, works closely with governmental and non-governmental actors to ensure that migration issues are properly handled and provide humanitarian and cooperative assistance to newcomers. With a total of 164 million migrant workers and 281 million migrants in the world as of 2020, analysing the challenges of newcomer employability is essential to determine the course of action to follow. Given that migrants often arrive in countries where their native language is not spoken, the MLEG has a key role when assisting in language learning to address the issue of employability for newly arrived migrants. 

European Diplomats will continue to support and actively participate in this important initiative that helps companies, governments, and newcomers achieve a high-impact solution with global benefits for every party.   



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