EU or National Procurement Support

Business Development Support

Participation at EU Hearings or Expert Groups as an Expert

Targeted Communication Hub

We show you the way through the jungle of bureaucracy and jargon. We act as a local guide to help you identify and select the most relevant and promising European or national grants, and facilitate your preparation to secure the funding you need.

We help you to find the right opportunity to further develop your business by segmenting relevant markets and scouting upcoming policies in European hotspot countries, from the Baltics to the Algarve, but also in the EU’s closest Eastern and Southern neighbours. This service includes Government Sales Counselling to help find your way through the wide field of government tenders.

Every day, hundreds of hearings or expert group meetings take place as a substantial part of EU decision- and law-making. We identify at what level you could take action and enable you to voice your points of interest directly.

To increase your reach and expand your audience and customer base, you need to convey your messages in the right way and order via the right channels. We offer you the full range of communication services from classical over virtual to social media communication, including the set-up, implementation and evaluation of communication campaigns.

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