Proactive Full-Service Advocacy Efforts Across Different Ranks

Nationwide Advocacy across Differing Ranks

Comprehensive Advocacy within EU Institutions and Organisations

Targeted Political Engagement with National or EU Policymakers and Stakeholders


We are practised at ensuring that via a range of approaches, methodologies and tools your agenda has a political resonance with those you are seeking to engage with.

We know the right ways in which to engage with relevant national and regional policymakers and stakeholders on any given level in a complex environment. We know that in a democracy, decision-making power stems not only from policymakers, therefore, we engage with relevant actors based on their influence, to make your voice resonate nationwide, amplified by civil society.

Years of work experience in Brussels at an institutional level and sound diplomatic expertise, combined with our headhunting expertise and new A.I. solutions allow us to get past the gatekeepers of EU institutions and organisations and navigate you smoothly and efficiently through Brussels’ corridors. We make your voice heard in the relevant institutions, by the right people and at the right moment.

Via our expertise and knowledge of methods, tools and sustainable contact making, we provide you with in-depth insights into the sector relevant to you and therefore the possibility to anticipate or even shape legislation to a certain extent. We adhere to a strongly ethical work approach.


Relationships and sustainable connections with targeted national or European policymakers are critical for any company or organisation wishing to effectively manage its commercial goals or public affairs issues. We create those relationships and open the right doors for you. One element of many is the support of the establishment of partnerships with governmental institutions, NGOs or other stakeholders.

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