Managing Directors and Co-Founders

Alistair Starling

Managing Director

Alistair Starling is a former UK Diplomat, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, FCO, where he assisted companies to trade and invest internationally for 10 years.

He is multilingual, and levers his 20 year private sector / 10 year government sector, Business Development, Design and Innovation experience to achieve results within 1st, 2nd and 3rd sector organisations. Alistair’s native language is English, he is also fluent in Italian and German, plus intermediate French.

Alistair worked in the founding teams of other start-ups, in the recruitment sector (The Cambridge Hub), internet design sector (IconMedialab), and therefore understands the pace and focus of the commercial sector.

Alistair led complex government sales development across Europe and Africa for a world famous brand – Cambridge.

He has two Master degrees (one from the University of Cambridge), and an Undergraduate Degree in the creative industries.

Alistair is a confident public speaker, has presented numerous times on TV, and fosters active communities of contacts across Europe.

Daniela Abentung


Daniela is a trained journalist and a political and communication scientist with a focus on international communication and EU affairs. During her 20 years’ professional experience she has been diving deep into the miracles and wonders of political environments. She has a strong international network in politics and journalism, in Brussels but also in Germany, Italy and the Middle East, from previous positions.In her government and stakeholder relations / communication roles for ifo Institute, Allianz SE Europe, Bavarian State Parliament and the European Commission (DG International Cooperation and Development/Joint Research Centre (JRC)), she has developed a strong understanding of outreach communication (internal/external), international change communication, EU affairs, regulatory monitoring and real-life policy-making procedures. Her focus lies on science, international cooperation and development and financial affairs.Daniela has a big appetite for agile and innovative solutions. Her customer orientation and stakeholder rapport building skills are outstanding. She has a Master degree in European Studies from the University of Bologna and loves complex, international environments. Daniela’s native language is German and she is also fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch – and Eurospeak.

Michal Grawyl


Michal Gawryl is qualified in Business Administration with a focus on marketing, planning and innovation management. In his first professional role he worked as Headhunter. Because of this, Michal is well versed in personal and cold calling, as well as negotiating, network building, the care of existing customers and supporting of projects.

He knows how to identify the relevant contacts and how contact should be implemented. In his other professional positions, he worked as a Recruiter in the private and public sectors. This means that Michal fully comprehends the inner workings of governments from his first-hand experience and is able to lever that for our clients.
Michal speaks German and Polish as native languages and is fluent in English, plus is building up his French language skills.
Organisational complexity and the management of multifaceted projects are core competences which Michal also possesses

Associates and Researchers


Severin Dauer


Severin Dauer is a young talent in the field of global policy analysis, currently pursuing his Undergraduate Degree in International Relations and Global Economics & Management at Jacobs University Bremen. As a student, he adds a fresh and academic perspective to global developments, thus diversifying the approach of European Diplomats on areas like Education and Foreign Policy.

Severin has gained experience in journalism and business development through numerous internships across Europe, including a voluntary year abroad in Chile, where he worked as a junior microenterprise consultant. Severin’s native language is German, he is also fluent in English and Spanish and is currently learning French.

Apart from his work for European Diplomats, Severin founded a start-up in the sector of banking and capital investment, leading a team of 15 analysts through a volatile market. His passion for start-ups and networking with international professionals is further manifested via his key organising role at one of the biggest start-up competitions in Germany, where he connects young entrepreneurs to experienced businesses.


Bennet Eulenberger

Policy Researcher

Bennet Eulenberger has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Intercultural Business Communication. Stemming from his degree, he is well versed in building up and maintaining relations with relevant institutions and potential clients of different cultures and backgrounds.

His studies also enable him to conduct efficient research and monitoring activities for European Diplomats. Bennet aims at perfecting his knowledge by pursuing a Master’s degree starting this autumn.

Prior to his time at European Diplomats, Bennet has gained experience in the Online Marketing sector. His native languages are German and Finnish. He is also fluent in English and has basic knowledge of French.

 Anton Lammers 


Anton Lammers holds an undergraduate degree in European Politics BA from King’s College London. Now, he is pursuing the International Social and Public Policy MSc at the London School of Economics. 

His studies have provided him with elaborate insight into the policy machinery of the EU and its member states. He focussed on education policy in Europe and now employs his academic insight  for European Diplomats.

Anton Lammers has mutlitple years of working experience in the NGO and Edtech and Education Policy sectors, across Europe, working alongside his studies. This way he combines academic expertise and practical working experience for European Diplomats. In London Anton levers the location and his networking abilities to create opportunities and insights for European Diplomats.

Along side this, Anton is active volunteer for the Red-Cross and has founded a social initiative tackling educational inequality in his home town. 

Anton’s native language is German but he is fluent in English, speaks Portuguese and basic French. 

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